Insomnia Caused by Antidepressants – Problems and Solutions


Many depression patients are given medication as a regular treatment. While antidepressant medication generally brings improvement to around half of all these patients, it can sometimes have a severe toll – side effects*. One of the most disturbing side effects can be insomnia*.

Insomnia can have a highly damaging effect of the quality of life for patients, and can impair not only a night’s sleep, but also a person’s ability to function throughout the day. Work performance, thinking, memory, mood, and even physical health, can all be affected by lack of sleep. Insomnia can even increase and intensify clinical depression1

In a large-scale trial*, almost all the participants reported sleep problems, and 81% were unable to sleep a full night.

In view of all this, antidepressants can be a problematic option for these patients.

BrainsWay Deep TMS – A New Era

BrainsWay* Deep TMS therapy (Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) brings a new dawn in the treatment of depression This TMS Therapy restores wellbeing for patients by stimulating areas in the brain which are responsible for the brain disorder using brief magnetic signals, at a similar amplitude to that used in MRI technology.

No Insomnia

One of the most prominent advantages of BrainsWay Deep TMS is that is has no systemic side effects*. There was no substantial difference in insomnia rates for patients undergoing Deep TMS treatment than in those who recived sham treatemnt in BrainsWay’s multicenter study*.

Proven Efficacy*

BrainsWay’s TMS therapy was proven in clinical studies* to be effective for depression patients, even for those who have tried different types of medications several times without success. BrainsWay can cause a substantial improvement in the patient’s quality of life, thus helping the patient to return to his/her normal routine of work, family and friends.

1 Murphy MJ, Peterson MJ. Sleep Disturbances in Depression. Sleep Med Clin 2015;10(1):17-23.

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