BrainsWay D (TMS) Therapy for Depression – What to Expect, from Start to Finish


You have probably heard about BrainsWay D for treating depression – whether from the Internet, from your friends or from other people who have had major depressive disorder at some point in their lives. If you have major depressive disorder and your interest in BrainsWay D therapy has already been sparked, the next step would be finding a clinic that can provide more information on major depressive disorder treatment with Deep TMS.

Finding a Clinic for BrainsWay D Therapy

The easiest way to find a clinic would be to visit BrainsWay’s website, where you will see a BrainsWay D clinic finder. All you need to do is enter your zip code, and you will find the clinics that are nearest to your area, with their website, address and phone number. Of course, another way would be to Google “Deep TMS” or “Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” and your town or place of residence. You can then do some web research and call up the clinic. When speaking to the clinic’s representative, you can ask them about the clinic’s approach, specialties, team, location, price range, health insurance options and more. Different clinics have various specialties that can be helpful in your TMS therapy, such as psychotherapy, pain management, sleep therapy, neurofeedback and QEEG brain testing, and more.

After collecting all the relevant information, you will be able to make a decision and select the most suitable BrainsWay D therapy provider for treating your major depressive disorder. The next step will be to visit the clinic for your first consultation and meet the doctor and BrainsWay D treatment provider.

Visiting Your BrainsWay D Clinic

Your first visit to the clinic will be an evaluation in which the clinic will review your medical history, major depressive disorder symptoms’ variation and intensity, preferences and current life circumstances. The evaluation will allow the staff to determine whether Deep TMS therapy is the right treatment for your major depressive disorder. If TMS therapy is found to be the right avenue for helping you with your major depressive episode, an initial treatment will be scheduled for you.

Handling Insurance for BrainsWay D Treatment

This would be a good time to check out your insurance coverage for Deep TMS. Often, the clinic will help you with this procedure. However, it’s important to understand that your own input is vital throughout the entire insurance coverage process. There are some actions you can take to increase the chances of success for your request.

Call the insurer’s authorization department and ask them to send you all the information and forms.
Keep regular contact with the representative assigned to your case.
Keep a record of all contacts with your insurer, including copies of documents and records of phone calls.
Meet all required deadlines.
BrainsWay D Sessions – Treating Major Depressive Disorder

Your first BrainsWay D treatment should take around an hour. This is the only long session, as the others are typically very short, lasting 20 minutes only. At the first treatment session, the doctor will examine you to select the best location on your head for delivering the treatment.

In each BrainsWay D treatment session, you will comfortably sit in a chair, and a helmet will be fitted over your head. The helmet will contain the specially designed treatment coil, which induces a brief MRI-level electric field which stimulates the neurons in your brain in the area responsible for major depressive disorder. During the session you will be awake and can talk to the caregiver at any time about what you are feeling. You will feel a tapping sound, and will be wearing earplugs that diminish the sound. During the actual session, you may experience local moderate headaches, or irritation in the area of the treatment, but this typically dissolves after the treatment, and can also be helped with an off-the-counter painkiller such as Tylenol. After each session, you can immediately drive yourself home, or choose to lounge in the clinic a bit more at your leisure. You can then continue with your normal daily routine. The treatment does not involve any anesthesia or hospitalization, and does not generate the systemic side effects associated with medications, such as insomnia or sexual dysfunction.

The BrainsWay D treatment for major depressive disorder lasts 4-6 weeks. You will start to see improvement throughout BrainsWay D treatment, and feel the full effect of it at the end of the treatment. Hopefully, the treatment will be your way out of major depressive disorder and into a life of happiness and calm.