What support does BrainsWay provide Deep TMS operators?

Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Deep TMS) devices make use of BrainsWay’s patented technology to safely alleviate symptoms of mental health conditions. This is done by activating BrainsWay patented H-Coil technology, which is held inside a helmet apparatus fitted over the patient’s head, after which an electromagnetic field safely regulates their neural activity.

With patients seeking the most accurate and successful treatment course for the symptoms they face, mental healthcare professionals are looking to provide their clients with the best possible support.

BrainsWay provides a comprehensive envelope of support to mental health practitioners offering Deep TMS therapy. This includes solidifying the device operators’ proficiency in the process, making sure they receive the necessary technical support, spreading the word about the effective new treatment they are offering to potential clients, helping with billing and reimbursement processes, and providing guidance on optimal clinic operations.

Reimbursement Support

What support does BrainsWay provide Deep TMS operators

BrainsWay’s HIPAA-compliant support service assists Deep TMS providers with a variety of billing and reimbursement issues. This includes verification of patients’ insurance coverage, investigation into reimbursement requirements, and addressing billing issues that may arise, including the appeals process. It should also be noted that in the US, Medicare and most private insurers cover Deep TMS to treat Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), with progress being made to attain coverage for additional conditions.

Training Support

Mental health practitioners receive step-by-step in-person guidance from BrainsWay to ensure proper implementation of the dTMS protocol. In addition, BrainsWay offers supplemental training, through reference guides, instructional materials, webinars, and on-demand consulting.

Marketing Support

BrainsWay’s Deep TMS system is backed by a comprehensive suite of marketing services, enabling providers to attract patients and build referral networks. Marketing support can include materials to help communicate the potential value this treatment holds for potential clients and peers, digital advertising support, education event support, as well as PR services to help promote successful experiences with dTMS and spread the word around.

Technical Support

The BrainsWay Deep TMS device comes with a comprehensive warranty, which includes annual preventative maintenance, phone support, and rapid repair turnaround.  Our field clinical engineers are on-call to ensure that providers’ BrainsWay devices are performing optimally at all times.

Practice Development Program

For providers who desire more hands-on support, BrainsWay offers a 90-day program to help build the foundation necessary to achieve success with Deep TMS. BrainsWay’s Practice Development Managers work closely with the entire clinic staff, through marketing, reimbursement, training, and clinic workflow, to establish a roadmap to success.

BrainsWay’s entire, multi-tiered support system is geared toward helping mental health professionals bring Deep TMS therapy to patients who stand to benefit from it.

Empirically proven to offer relief, BrainsWay’s easy to operate device relies on electromagnetic fields to regulate the neural activity of brain structures found to be related to mental health conditions such as MDD and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), helping those battling various conditions enjoy a better quality of life.