What payment options does BrainsWay offer partners to cover Deep TMS system costs?

Mental health practitioners interested in offering BrainsWay’s Deep TMS therapy to their clients may choose from multiple payment models, including Leasing, Direct Purchase and Risk Share. The diversity between the offered models allows prospective partners to choose the most cost-effective payment plan when incorporating BrainsWay’s Deep TMS equipment and treatment in their clinics. Financing options and flexible terms are also available.

Leasing Model

BrainsWay offers system leases for varying contract terms, allowing practitioners to build up their client base while incurring a modest monthly payment. Technical service and device maintenance are included for the entire length of the contract. Both private practices and academic medical centers can apply for a leasing plan with BrainsWay.

Direct Purchase Model

Another payment plan for private practices and academic centers includes the complete purchase of one of BrainsWay’s Deep TMS equipment. First-year maintenance is included in the price of the equipment, with a two-year warranty option also available.

What payment options does BrainsWay offer partners to cover Deep TMS system costs?
Risk Share Model

BrainsWay’s pay-per-use model offers a low-risk payment plan that provides mental health practitioners the ability to tailor their use of Deep TMS in accordance with its changing demand among their clientele.
Under this model, practitioners receive the Deep TMS equipment solely by pre-paying a set number of sessions that can be administered over the course of one year. As such, practitioners purchase 360 sessions to treat Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), which equates to roughly a full course of treatment for 10 patients. For the BrainsWay OCD coil, practitioners pre-pay for 116 sessions, equating to roughly 4 patients.
Practitioners can also pay for additional sessions once they use up the prepaid number they have purchased. Technical service and maintenance are included for the entire period of BrainsWay’s Risk Share contract.

Further Services Included in BrainsWay Payment Plans

As an addition to the lease or purchase of its Deep TMS equipment, BrainsWay also offers health providers with a variety of additional support services, including system training, marketing initiatives to build patient and referral partner interest, reimbursement support, and practice development consulting.
BrainsWay’s dTMS equipment, which comes with a warranty offering flexible extension options, also includes annual preventative maintenance care, phone support, and rapid repair turnaround.