H-coil repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for pain relief in patients with diabetic neuropathy

Onesti, E., Gabriele, M., Cambieri, C., Ceccanti, M., Raccah, R., Di Stefano, G., & Inghilleri, M. (2013). European Journal of Pain, 17(9), 1347-1356.

The study examined the effect of stimulation on pain sensation and joint bending reflex in patients with diabetic-induced pain. During two one-week treatment periods, separated by 5 weeks, patients received either real or sham stimulation. In this study it was demonstrated that brain stimulation using the BrainsWay® Deep TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) H-coil, but not sham stimulation, significantly improved results in both measurements. Moreover, these beneficial effects were still present in the 3 week follow-up session.

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