Cooperation with Institutions for Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

BrainsWay® runs clinical research programs with leading scientists worldwide, collaborating with prominent institutions and researchers in clinical trials covering various neuropsychiatric and neuroscience applications for deep transcranial magnetic stimulation.

BrainsWay’s deep transcranial magnetic stimulation research network includes:

Leading US Institutions



• Medical University of South Carolina

• Harvard University

• New York State Psychiatric Inst./Columbia University

• University of California (UCLA)

• Duke Medical Center

• Johns Hopkins University

• Mount Sinai Medical School

• UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas

• Greater Nashua Mental Health Center

Leading International Institutions

• Ludwig-Maximilians University, Germany

• Charité University, Germany

• Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany

• University of Bonn, Germany

• UCL Medical School , UK

• CAMH, Toronto, Canada

• McGill University, Canada

• San Raffaele Medical Center, Milan, Italy

• Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

• Tel-Aviv Medical Center, Israel

• Ben-Gurion University, Israel

• Hadassah Medical Institutes, Israel

• Weizmann Institute, Israel

• Sheba Medical Institute, Israel

• Kyorin University School of Medicine, Kyorin, Japan

• Osaka University Hospital, Osaka, Japan

• Monash University, Central Clinical School and The Alfred, Melbourne, Australia