H-coil repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for the treatment of bipolar depression: an add-on, safety and feasibility study

Journal: The World of Biological Psychiatry 12:(2)119-126 (2011)

Authors: E.V Harel, A Zangen, Y Roth, I Reti, Y Braw, Y Levkovitz


The H1-Coil is a novel transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) device capable of inducing a magnetic field with a deeper and wider distribution than standard coils.


This pilot study evaluated the safety and feasibility of the H1-Coil as adjuvant treatment for bipolar depression (BPD).


Nineteen patients diagnosed as having BPD and under treatment with psychotropic medication were enrolled in the study. They received daily prefrontal repetitive TMS (rTMS: 20 Hz, 2 secondson, 20 secondsoff, totaling 1680 stimuli) every weekday for four consecutive weeks. The primary outcome measure was the change from baseline in the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS-24) score a week after the last treatment session.


A significant mean decrease of 12.9 points in the HDRS-24 scale (p<0.001) was found. Response rate was 63.2% and remission rate was 52.6%. Treatment was well tolerated in terms of headache and overall discomfort, and there was no significant change in cognitive functioning or mood switches. One patient had a short induced generalized seizure without complications.


An add-on H-coil rTMS treatment protocol in BPD subjects indicated improvement in bipolar depression symptoms. Sham-control studies to further determine the efficacy and safety of the H-Coil for BPD are warranted.

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