Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for treatment-resistant bipolar disorder: A case report of acute and maintenance efficacy

Journal: Neurocase 1-7(2012)

Authors: :F.S Bersani, N Girardi, L Sanna, L Mazzarini, C Santucci, G.D Kotzalidis, G Sani, P De Rossi, R.N Raccah, S.S Caltagirone, M Battipaglia, S Capezzuto, G Bersani, P Girardi


Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) is currently being evaluated as a possible treatment for several neuropsychiatric disorders and has been demonstrated as a safe and effective procedure.


This report aimed to assess efficacy and safety of daily add-on dTMS in relieving drug-resistant bipolar disorder, and its ability to protect from episodes of either polarity during a 3-month maintenance period, with fortnightly sessions, and during another 3-month period, with no dTMS sessions and only continuation drug treatment.


This case presents a patient with bipolar disorder that has been treated with 20 daily consecutive dTMS sessions and with one dTMS session every 2 weeks for the following 3 months.


Depressive symptoms improved rapidly and response was maintained during the next 6 months. Cognitive performances also improved.


This report suggests that add-on dTMS may help overcoming drug-resistance in bipolar disorder and protect from subsequent bipolar episodes of any polarity.

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